• Why Progenitor

    Progenitor is a Strategic Procurement, Grant and Contract Management System, providing an innovative, agile and customised solution to all your needs.

    Utilising modern technology and delivered as a rich, software-as-a-service solution, Progenitor provides powerful capabilities for the management of the full procurement, grant and contract lifecycles at an affordable price.

    Progenitor's unique approach in adapting your organisation’s requirements is a ground breaking evolution in how procurement, grant and contract management is approached.

    You tell us how your business works, we listen.


    Your Solution

    Progenitor adapts to fit your business model, providing you with a high degree of personalisation that reflects the unique nature of your business. You can be rest assured that users are being fully compliant with your specific process.

    Everything in
    one place

    Centralise your Procurement, Contract and Supplier Management for complete organisational transparency. Improve auditability, quality and surety through tracked approvals, variations and versions.

    Support your employees

    Progenitor’s rich user interface, insights and dashboards support your users in addition to improving productivity and management through reminders, assessments and schedules.

    Workflow driven decisions

    Automated workflows are driven to key parties based on your specific, configured requirements. Support decision making with value and category based procurement and contract scenarios.

    Rich performance insights

    Capture and report against your organisations’ key metrics, spend data and performance indicators using Progenitor’s assessments framework. Pave the way for continual improvement and drive value, efficiency and benefits realisation.

    Scaling for your needs

    Whether you’re a large government agency or a small private enterprise, Progenitor works for your business, not the other way around. No workarounds, no hacks, no expensive extensions.

    Secure Corporate Knowledge

    Build an organisational practice and develop staff expertise using Progenitor's Knowledge Base. Nurture organisational knowledge and grow in maturity by supporting employee development with eLearning, training & change Assets.

    Supplier Engagement

    Collaborate and drive value with your suppliers using Progenitor’s supplier portal. Get a complete picture on all your supplier interactions, certifications and pre-qualifications using supplier self-management. Perform assessments, issue management and reporting against all suppliers.

    Turnkey Solution

    Progenitor's Software as a Service delivery combined with a rapid implementation framework mean you’ll be up and running in a matter of days or weeks, with minimal impact on your business.

    Enterprise Integrations

    Align and integrate with other key corporate systems. Capture and analyse actual spend data via integration with your finance system. Progenitor APIs also allow integration with any other corporate solution, centralising all related information.

    Progenitor Insights

    Progenitor Insights provide rich reporting and visuals that guide you to better decision making on your corporate data. Enhance your reporting against all facets of procurement, contract and category management, including spend analysis, purchasing trends, user metrics and supplier performance.

    Information at your fingertips

    Embedded throughout Progenitor are inline graphs and item level dashboards to keep you updated on the current situation. Ensure relevant information is provided in context and on time.

    Investigative Analysis

    Take a deep dive into the fully interactive Insights Centre where you explore and understand your data on a whole new level. Drill down, cut across, and undercover trends and behaviours across your portfolio.

    Query like never before

    Progenitor’s PowerBI Integration allows you to interrogate your data with simple Question & Answer – ask your data a question. Just like Google.

    All access information

    Utilise Progenitor’s BI Mobile App – take Progenitor Insights on the road - keep up to date and stay in control.

    Integrate, Anywhere

    Progenitor provides powerful OData API access, allowing you to integrate Progenitor with any and all of your other Enterprise systems. Analyse data across your entire suite of products and solutions.

    Progenitor Implementation

    Good software starts with great implementations and Progenitor implementations are a straightforward, structured process, delivered in a number of weeks.

    Rapid Implementation

    Progenitor Rapid implementations are run using Single Cell’s configuration based methodology. Using pre-established implementation templates and workshops, your Progenitor solution can be fully configured to your specification in a very short time.

    Educate and Support

    Progenitor implementations are also supported by eLearning and detailed change assets, providing key tools in supporting your transition across to Progenitor. Training instances which mirror your configuration are perfect for both training your staff or testing new configuration.

    Process Improvement

    As part of these implementations, detailed requirements gathering with full process and documentation reviews are also available, identifying opportunities for improvement.

    Eliminate Impact

    The rapid turnaround and structured approach for Progenitor results in reduced cost to your organisation and minimises disruption to your business.

       Progenitor Care

    Progenitor Care is a premium service, embodying Single Cell’s customer centric approach. Progenitor Care is provided as a tailored extra’s package, designed to take your organisation even further.

    Providing detailed reports on usage of your Progenitor instance, valuable recommendations and additional insights, Single Cell supports you on the road to higher organisational maturity and realised benefits.

    Reviews with senior Single Cell staff gives you additional confidence in understanding the past and planning for the future. Identify regular opportunity for improvement and develop your roadmap for growth within your Strategic Procurement, Grant and Contract Management System, Progenitor.

    Grow as an organisation, increase maturity, gain surety. Let us bring our hard-won experience and practical recommendations to help you apply Progenitor and succeed.