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    Progenitor’s industry leading, cloud based platform provides a feature rich solution for procurement, spend, supplier and contract management. The solution is broken into a number of core modules, each adapting to your businesses needs.

    With an unprecedented level of off-the-shelf configurability, Progenitor’s modules and process completely aligns with your business process and policies. Ensure seamless compliance from users without them even noticing.

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    Contract Management

    Progenitor contracts provide organisations with a rich, user friendly contract management offering. Undertake everything from contract processes, assessments, compliance, risk and issue management, milestone management, resource management, variations, renewals, extension and all contract spend.

    Everything in
    one space

    Manage, track and report against all contracts within one central register. Drive productivity through contract compliance, schedules and tasks. Provide auditability and transparency on all aspects of your portfolio and contract documentation.

    Assess and evaluate

    Use Progenitor’s assessment framework to define assessments, service level or key performance indicators for each contract. Capture reporting metrics and drive insights on supplier and contract performance.

    Tell a story

    Manage, track and approve all contract variations and versions. Provide complete contract history with contract snapshots and undertake analysis over a contract's entire lifecycle.

    Right information, right contract

    Develop detailed contract management plans and be sure users are provided with the correct approvals, tasks, assessments, documentation, templates and information for each contract.

    Strategic Procurement

    Progenitor's sourcing module guides and manages users through all stages and scenarios for your procurement sourcing activities. From approval of procurement requests, approach to market, supplier application, assessments and evaluation through to contract award and procurement closure activities, Progenitor aligns with your specific process and policy.

    End to end

    Progenitor manages your strategic procurement - from needs analysis to procurement closure. Procurement workflows guide users through stages and approvals, ensuring full compliance.


    Build procurement scenarios and guide processes down the correct pathways. Define workflow, tasks, compliance and approvals for procurement type, values and risk scenarios. Ensure users are provided with only relevant information and improve productivity.

    Forecasts and Categories

    Identify future commitments and expenditure through your procurement pipeline. Track and manage procurements and future spend by categories. Forecast projections across financial years.

    Award with

    When the time comes to award, Progenitor’s easy award wizard helps determine optimal applicants, and generates contracts, panels and head agreements with a couple of clicks.

    Category Management

    With Progenitor’s category management, your organisation can drive the strategic management, reporting and control of purchasing categories across the full procurement and contract lifecycle. Users are able to manage categories on a range of levels in the form of ERP accounts, industry standards, or user defined categories.

    Use advanced tools and techniques to profile, benchmark, research and assess the market based on historical engagements.

    Project and compare

    Determine projected spend across your organisation by category types. Compare and contrast against actuals for complete accuracy. Track by expenditure, assigned budgets and financial years.

    Financial Integration

    Leverage integration with your ERP to consume and report against actual spend across categories. Map out historical trends and empower improved decision making within category portfolios.

    Organisational Alignment

    Align and report category information against a wide variety of other organisational information, such as business units, suppliers, periods, location and personnel.

    Manage Category Contracts

    Establish and manage master contracts or agreements solely for the administration of product categories. Drive variations and information to contracts purchasing off these product categories.

    Supplier Management

    Driving value from your suppliers is essential for a modern organisation and Progenitor provides detailed supplier management capabilities. Capture all key supplier information, capture and analyse supplier performance and track and report against all supplier interaction with your organisation. Utilise Progenitor’s supplier portal to pass the administrative burden of supplier management back onto your suppliers.

    Supplier Performance

    Evaluate and track supplier performance on a contract by contract basis or against your organisation as a whole. Report on issues, user defined SLAs, KPIs and a range of other metrics.

    Supplier Portal

    Ensure supplier details and insurance are up to date with supplier self-management through the Progenitor supplier portal. Track communication and place the administrative burden back on your suppliers.

    Certifications and

    Define and track your certification and pre-qualification requirements. Identify certifications and pre-qualifications against suppliers, record evidence and manage currency of information to ensure a smoother RFx process.

    Supplier Classifications

    Suppliers can be classified and reported on based on a wide range of Industry classifications or user defined. Industry types, small-medium enterprise, or any other flags can easily be associated with a supplier.


    Grant management is a complex challenge for most organisations. Progenitor allows for rapid response to new grant initiatives, with applications and eligibility information published in record time. Collaborate closely with assessors, applicants and researchers and leverage rich integrations with research grant platforms to make the right decisions on what grants to award. Detailed, configurable assessments, workflows and contract management ensure all parties are compliant and meet their grant obligations.
  • Online Applications - Progenitor's grants management portal allows applicants to securely apply and assess grant eligibility. Saving time and cost in getting a grant program to market.
  • Collaborate with Applicants - Allow direct collaboration with applicants, organisations and researchers. Securely facilitate information flow, issue assessments, evaluations to external assessors, send milestone and payment requests direct to applicant
  • Program and Budget Management - Easily configure program rules, guidelines and policy within the system, ensuring all required steps, stages, eligibility and compliance frameworks are met. Track and manage grant contracts, grant budgets and allocations.
  • Design and Publish - Quick and affordable development of external application forms, eligibility criteria combined with rapid publishing ensures you can meet tight timeframes around making grants accessible, with information specific to your needs.